♡ JeannDaBeann's Commissions ♡

Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me!! Here you will find my Terms Of Service(please read before contacting me to make sure you agree), my prices and ways to contact me if interested!
I post my work on Twitter as soon as its done and i update this website when i get the chance! below is a button to see my portfolio just keep in mind twitter gets the new artwork first! Twitter is linked below!


♡ T.O.S ♡

1. I have full rights over all created artwork. I have the right to post any created artwork on any other platform to promote herself. If you prefer for me not to post your commissioned piece(s) online, that can be worked out between the two of us prior to the work being completed.2. Full payment is required prior to work on your commission being started. You will have one (1) week to make the payment in full. All of my payments are quoted in USD and must be made through PayPal. An invoice will be provided. Canadian residents can pay via e-transfer.3. NO REFUNDS. If you cancel your commission, you will NOT be refunded.4. Communication is done through my Twitter DMs, this is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with me. We can also communicate through email, if you prefer. I choose to be casual with the people I work with - I find it makes communication much easier and the process much more fluid.5. By commissioning me, you accept that you cannot sell, redraw, edit, make merchandise, claim credit or use my artwork for advertising.6. In relation to section 5, you may purchase the copyright (+50% of the total amount) meaning you will receive the PSD file. This grants you the right to commission someone else to animate the emote or make subtle changes. Or for +75% you can buy commercial use rights, which means you can sell the commissioned piece(s). This allows you to make/sell merchandise. For +75% amount, you will be provided full rights, which is both commercial + copyright.7. I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason. I reserve the right to stop working on a commission or cancel a commission request for any reason. Most likely, a commission would be canceled due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or a canceled/bounced payment.8. You may request a preview of your commissioned piece(s) at any time during my process. I do not mind these requests - sometimes I may even stream my drawing process. I will send a sketch of the commission(s) for you to review, and you'll be given the opportunity to request changes until you are happy with the final result. Furthermore, I will continue to adjust/touch up/proceed to work through change requests and send drafts to make sure everything is looking as you like. Once everything has been approved, I'll then finalize the commission; at this point, no changes can be made unless I've made a mistake/error on my part (missing details, sizing changes, discolors, etc.). Once finalized, color or additional changes will incur fees.9. TIMING: Most commissions can be completed between 1 and 4 weeks, but this can vary based on the number of commissions I have at the time or if I am working on other art, etc. If you have a deadline, please inform me when requesting the commission. A rush fee is available for 40% of the total commission price. Note: Commissions are art and artwork is based on creative inspiration, and I want your piece to be inspired. Therefore, these pieces take time to ensure that I produce the best work possible every time.10. Pricing for commercial work is HIGHER. Please notify me that your commission will be for commercial use at the time of your request. Commercial use means you will be using the piece(s) to make a profit, such as merchandise, designs, etc. Refer to section 6 on paying for commercial use for your piece(s).11. Chargebacks are absolutely not tolerated. They will result in an immediate blacklist, and I will warn other artists of your scamming. Legal action will be taken if these are not resolved immediately and fees are settled for work delivered.


♡ Contact ♡

I like to keep the communication casual as stated in my T.O.S so feel free to dm me on twitter! if you would prefer email or discord that is totally alright as well! ^.^ my discord is JeannDaBeann#0458 but if for some reason you can't start a dm with me just click the little discord icon below which will bring you to my discord server where you can just message me through there!


♡ Emote Prices ♡

Emote Price ~ $20 USD each

Paypal only!
Rush priority is available for +40% of the total
By commissioning me you are agreeing to my Terms Of Service
Twitch emote sizes: 28x28px, 56x56px, and 112x112px Twitch has added the feature where you do not need to upload each individual size and they resize themself, so you will receive a 500x500px png file that can be uploaded directly to twitch, if you would like the individual sizes please let me know!

DEALS3 emotes = $60 $55
5 emotes = $100 $90
7 emotes = $140 $125

Affiliate Packs

Evolving Badges Package = 6 sub badges + 5 emotes

$190 $150

Colour Change Badges Package = 6 sub badges + 5 emotes

$140 $120

♡ below are examples of my work, you can also click on Portfolio at the bottom of the page which will bring you to more of my work ♡
♡ i do offer sub badges but i focus more on emotes ♡
♡ Sub badges are $15 for the base price! If the badge is evolving with different designs per badge they are $13 each! If sub badges are just recoloured you only pay $15 for the initial design and then an extra $5 per extra badge ♡

♡ every emote/sub badge commission comes with a template that shows the artwork that you can post to your social media ♡

♡ Icon Prices ♡

Dos: Fanart, OC's, Blood, Weapons
Don'ts: NSFW/Fetish, Intense Gore, Full Mecha/Armor, Nudity
Shoulders Up $25 USD
Bust Up
$35 USD
Waist/Thighs Up $45 USD
Full Body
$50 USD
✧ more examples of my art on my twitter moment linked below this message ✧

Simple, Plain or Transparent Backgrounds are free.
At the moment I do not offer detailed backgrounds, if you have an idea that you dont believe is too detailed let me know, we can figure it out and there may just be an extra charge of $3-$10 depending on complexityEXTRA CHARACTERS
depending on the complexity of the character (ex: heavy armor, severly detailed clothing, etc), adding an extra character to your commission is $10-$30 USD.

♡ Portfolio ♡